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An Employee Assistance Program is a set of services counselling and other personal swervices provided by an employer without cost to the employee. These services assist an employee to overcome events which affect their work, personal performance and life.

Employees are a valuable resource for a business or other organisation.  Large investments of time and money are made in developing employees knowledge and skills so they can make ongoing contributions to the success of the business or organisation.

Unfortunately, events occur at work and away from work that may impact significantly on employees capability to work and their attitude to work.  Rather than lose these valuable people, who often have become friends in addition to being employees, Effective Counselling can provide services to help your employees and management through the times of trouble.

Examples of issues that may occur are:

Employees who become the victims of traumatic events such as a hold-up or the death of or injury to a workmate;

Personal and family issues which impact on their well being and performance;

Changes at work that affect their career paths;

Workplace issues such as harassment and other confronting events that need to be addressed in a caring and understanding manner.

Employee Assistance Programs provide ready access for employees to have effective counselling without having to bear the cost of such counselling.

Everybody wins.  Valued employees are assisted in addressing the issues before them. The objective is for the employee regain at their previous performance levels or better and rsolve their issues.  Employees are able to address key issues that affect their quality of life and well-being.


Interpersonal conflict
Organisational change issues
Career concerns
Grief, loss and bereavement
Stress related problems
Depression, phobias and anxiety
Communications issues
Confidence and self esteem issues
alcohol, substance abuse, gambling
Other work issues




Strictly confidential
Free to employees
Available at times to suit the employees and the business or organisation
Services available to family members



For some events such as traumatic events that affect a large number of employees group sessions, supportive group discussions and in-service programs are effective ways to assist employees to address issues.

Some employees may require more intense counselling services, such as one on one debriefing but for many group sessions provide the level of support they require.



Managers can discuss organisation issues they face.  Effective Counselling can tailor special programs so address these issues.


People can choose to see counsellors either at their work, at Effective Counselling's consulting rooms or undertake counselling using the telephone counselling service. 


Effectively address your concerns and discuss important matters with professional counsellors.



While most programs provide for a set number of counselling sessions for each employee in any one year, there is the opportunity to carry out extended counselling programs where  this is required.  Employees can also choose to continue their counselling beyond the standard time paid for by their employers.


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