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We live in a world of relationships.  Some relationships are with family members and other relationships are with friends, spouses partners, lovers, workmates, social acquaintances, people in authority, those for whom we have responsibility and even people we don't like. 

A professional counsellor is someone who is highly skilled and trained. They understand the pressures on peoples' lives.  Professional counsellors can give to you an independent perspective free of judgment, helping you to find solutions.  This is all achieved with the level of confidentiality you desire. 

You don't have to wait until the last minute to participate in relationship counselling or wait for a dramatic event to occur.

Counselling is an activity that many people undertake to assist them through everyday events and issues.  In many cases the dramatic event never occurs because people address their issues as they arise before they become a major issues.  Professional counselling makes it easier to address issues when they should be addressed.

How often have you heard of someone who does not address issues when they occur, only to have the issues build up to a point where they explode?  The trigger for the explosion is often a minor event, yet the response to that minor event is out of proportion with the trigger event.  The response leaves those around them scratching their heads.  Others view the exploding person as being someone who is a bit irrational, emotional, unpredictable and not someone with whom they want to spend time.  Have you seen this type of behaviour occur?

Counselling gives you the tools you need to address the issues you face and achieve the results that work for you.

Relationship counselling can be undertaken on an ongoing basis or for a short intensive period.  After your immediate counselling needs are met, you might like to consider having consultations at less frequent but yet regular intervals to ensure a life without trauma while you move to the rewards you seek.  You can develop an ongoing life strategy for achieving your goals and desires.

Counselling helps you to make good relationships better.  

As relationships develop our roles in life change, we age and our expectations of a relationship change.  Discussing these changes with a professional counsellor makes it easier to understand what is affecting us and those with whom we share our lives.  For not only are we changing so are those around us.  Understanding enables us to make the right choices, to chose the responses that take us towards our goals and avoid disharmony and disaster.

Relationship counselling is for people of all ages, backgrounds, interests and beliefs.

Counselling can be the factor the makes a life of frustrations a life of joy.







Sessions daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or at what other intervals suits you requirements.

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